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East Knoyle Parish Council has 11 elected members who meet six times a year in the village hall.  Actual dates are in the village diary. Parish Council meetings are open to the public for the whole of each meeting.  Members of the public may speak during the first 15 minutes on the invitation of the chairman.

Parish Plan.

In 2008, a steering committee, chaired by Paul Knocker, sought the views of those living here on how the village should develop.  This resulted in the production of the Parish Plan which was subsequently distributed to every household in the village. The plan has been adopted by the Parish Council and endorsed by Salisbury District Council.  The next step is to produce a Design Statement.  This will define the standards and materials to be used in the parish for new build, alterations or  extensions that require planning consent. It will also establish the need to protect the character of the village and the hamlets, as well as "green" spaces, views from homes, footpaths and special situations, such as the church.

Village Design Statement  (more)

Wiltshire Councillor 
for the East Knoyle Ward 
Mrs. Bridget Wayman

Our Member of Parliament    
   Dr Andrew Murrison MP.  
General Consumer and Safety  Advice for Senior Consumers
The Wiltshire Council has produced an excellent booklet on a variety of useful subjects such as how to deal with a rogue trader or bogus caller, junk mail and unwanted phone calls.  The booklets can be collected from Wren’s Shop.  A lot of other consumer advice can be seen on the council website at this link.

Parish Council Meetings

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